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Marine Research and Education Centre

The Marlborough Sounds Marine Research & Education Centre
Includes the only Underwater Observatory in Marlborough (only one other in NZ) and is also known as "The reef project." This is now on its fifth year of growth and the change is startling to see.
Lochmara Lodge, Marlborough Sounds Wildlife Recovery Trust and Conservation Kids NZ Charitable Trust are proud to bring you Marlborough Sounds Marine Research & Education Centre.
This fantastic community facility does represent the realities of conservation, education and the involvement of different user groups in the modern world. By focusing on recreating a sustainable marine environment in the Marlborough Sounds, the project will grow and evolve over time as the community becomes more and more involved. 
‘The Reef Project, Built by the community…..for the community’
EDUCATION - Stage 1 - The underwater observatory and the outdoor auditorium provide a wonderful platform to educate visitors, essentially becoming an underwater classroom for schools and/or university groups and thousands of local, national and international visitors. Please email enquiries@lochmaralodge.co.nz
TOURISM - This unique facility is a popular tourist activity, for all ages, providing the connection between visitors and the amazing underwater world of the Marlborough Sounds. Tourism has enabled us to help fund this project, also contributing to the local economy and creating jobs.
MARINE RESEARCH & ENHANCEMENT - Stage 2 will see the development of a hatchery to replenish and enchanted the dwindling fish populations of the sounds. Assisted by local schools, this research and breeding facility will provide students an amazing opportunity to encourage sustainable industries and actively contribute to conservation of the Marlborough Sounds.

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